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Resin Abrasives  -  Type 27 Fibreglass Reinforced Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

Art. No. 202.00


A series of these products used for grinding welding points, welding line and grinding surface of common metals, stainless steels, non-metals, non-ferrous metals,etc.
Key points for best results:
Hold your right angle grinder at 30°with grinding
Run the gringer at the highest possible speed marked on the wheel.
Higher power of the grinder, higher efficiency.
Choose the abrasive grain as follow:
a)A—for general metal
b)ZA or WA—for stainless steel
c)C or GC—for non metal, stone etc.

Product Application:
used in grinding and polishing soldered dots, weld joints, common metals, stainless steel, nonmetal and nonmagnetic cast iron surface, etc.

Product Features:
Sharp, with long service life and superior cost performance

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