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Resin Abrasives  -  Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel

Art. No. 200.00


Operation symbol:
The series of these products suitably used for cutting and fluting stainless steel rubes, steel plates, walled tubes.
Key points for best results:
Hold your right angle grinder at 90°for cutting or fluting.
Run the cut-off wheel at the highest possible speed marked on the wheel.
According to materials of the work pieces, best choice:
a)A—for general metal
b)ZA or WA—for stainless steel
c)C or GC—for non metal, stone etc.

Made of special sharp abrasive material
Owe long service lige and high performance
High security and universal application

Safety rules in use for cutting wheel

Frenquently asked questions and solution for cutting wheel

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