· Coated Abrasives(34)
· Resin Abrasives(4)
· Bonded Abrasives(21)
· Backing Pad & Sanding Block(34)
· Cup Brush(22)
· Diamond Blade(6)
Coated Abrasives  -  Velcro abrasives discs(109.10-P, 109.10-G)


Material:Aluminium oxide abrasives, semi-coated,double resin binder, C paper backing.
Application: Widely used in various kinds of processing industries, primer painting in
metal processing while the grinding quantity is small, repairing and maintaining in
painting finishes, polishing of lacquer putty, synthetic materials and fiberglass and
logs, etc.
Features: Good anti-clogging effect, high intensity, high tensile, long service life,
low heat in grinding process; good consistency in polishing process and high
degree of smooth surface finish for workpieces;
Owning first-rate quality in the whole world.

Grits: 40-60-80-100-120-150-180-220-240-280-320-360-400-500-600-800-1000
Discs: Dia. 115mm, Dia.125mm,Dia.150mm, Dia.180mm
Delta sheets: 94mm, 105mm
Stripes: 93x230mm, 115x280mm

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